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The USB Flash Drive Alliance, founded in December 2003 by Samsung, Lexar Media, Kingston Technology and others, is a group of companies promoting the use of USB flash drives (also called "keydrives" and a variety of other names).In 2003, according to the alliance, 50 million USB flash drives were sold in the US alone. Alliance members: Buffalo Technology, Corsair Memory, Crucial Technology, Infineon Technologies, Kingston Technology, Lexar Media, Microsoft, Phison, PNY Technologies, Samsung, SimpleTech.

A distressed customer mentioned, "I'm sorry, but I have to give this a horrible rating now. I've had the Kingston Digital DataTraveler for less than two years, barely ever used it, kept it hanging on a hook in my office, and was using it as back-up-back-up for my photos... Thank god it was just one of two back-ups, because I lost everything on it. Plugged it in one day to add more photos and the computer (same one I'd always been using) didn't recognize it. Neither did two other computers I tried. If this had been my only copy of the photos, I'd be devastated, and it's useless to me now because it's only purpose was for back-up (I don't generally TRANSFER things that huge), and now I can't trust it. Very irritated, as I have yet to find a decent back-up external harddrive either. I feel like I'm always at risk of losing my important data."


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